Front End Alignment


The importance of a proper front end alignment

Having your cars front end alignment done is a job for a trained professional. Having the proper equipment and education is imperative to assure a quality job done. Your front end alignment is truly just the beginning of what has to be addressed when performing the alignment.  A quality mechanic will always “shake down” the front end before even starting an alignment.  What this means is if you have loose ball joints, tie rod ends, drag links etc. then your alignment will never be true.  And more importantly very expensive and dangerous results can occur.

Remember the cost of those new tires you purchased?  Believe it or not, an improperly aligned front end can cost you a set of tires in no time at all.  I have seen tires completely wore out in less than one months time due to a poor alignment.  And that is just the beginning.  You can’t leave this to chance. You must trust the professionals when you consider having your alignment done.  Go to Palmers Service center in Grand Rapids.  We make sure your car is in safe mechanical condition before we start aligning your front end. We also set air conditioning for cars. Give us a call today.

Front End Alignment

Professional tech performing a front end alignment