Engine Diagnostics



I know that you like most everyone has had a time when that infamous red light shines on your dash that says “CHECK ENGINE“. And what do you do?  Most of the time I find that people do nothing.  And that truly is the worst thing you can do.  Having the diagnostics for your engine performed is a very important service that should be done soon after you see the light come on.  Engine diagnostics provides you with some very valuable information that could save you a lot of money.  Take for instance your 02 sensor.  This is a maintenance item that most of us just take for granted.  But did you know that if you do not service that part, you could be looking at putting on a new catalytic converter.  Now I am not sure if you are aware what that service is, but usually they run between $300-$2000.00 installed.  Not a pretty thought is it.  Just because you didn’t have your engine diagnostics performed.

Diagnostics for your engine tells us a lot about your car.  There are over 18 different electrical sensors that monitor the way your engine is running. Any one of those can cause you to be stranded or worse yet, cause greater damage to your car and you might need to send it for an auto repair.

Next time you see that check engine light come on, call Palmer service center to have your engine diagnostics performed.


Engine Diagnostics Technician

Bill Palmer